Oil and gas

Landbridge Group’s oil and gas division owns more than 10 gas stations in China, with short-term intentions to build a further 10 stations. The division has developed good relationships with China National Petroleum Corporation and Sinopec Limited. Through leveraging its port division, the business covers a substantial area, with transfers and sales of more than 800,000 tonnes of oil per year.

WestSide acquisition
Landbridge Group also recently expanded its oil and gas footprint through its ~A$200 million investment in Australia’s oil and gas sector by way of its acquisition of Brisbane-based WestSide in May 2014. WestSide was a publicly listed company headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland. Its key asset is a 51% interest in the gas producing Meridian fields in Moura, 160 kilometres west of Gladstone, Queensland and over 6,000 square kilometres of tenements across Queensland. Please refer to: http://www.westsidecorporation.com/​



​Landbridge Group's petrochemical business is predominately engaged in the processing, sale, storage and transportation of petrochemical products and the production of sanitary ware. Its development target is to build a petrochemical industry chain of petrochemical production and processing, storage and logistics, petrochemical products sales, port transportation and international trading. In 2005, Landbridge Group invested in the construction of a petrochemical project in Panjia Village, which spans 2 million square meters and has a planned refinery capacity of 10 million tonnes of crude oil. The refinery has a designated railway and is located 1.8 kilometres from Landbridge’s port, connected via a pipeline. Its main products are diesel, gasoline, naphtha, wax oil, liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum coke and sulphur.

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